Raphael F. L. Rebucas is a proud son of Torrance, California honored to champion fairness in our democracy, and the empowerment of all voters.

Currently studying political science at The George Washington University, Rebucas previously served two terms as the elected President of the Board of Governors of Young Leaders Political Action Committee, working everyday to promote civic engagement and civil discourse among the three million high school and junior high school students who call California home. 

During his administration, President Rebucas answered well over five thousand phone calls for California families in need of food benefits, unemployment assistance, and wildfire relief. Recognized for his steadfast decision-making, Rebucas amplified students’ voices, bringing their concerns to lawmakers particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, when barriers to education and access to mental health services left so many feeling unheard. By the end of his term in office, Rebucas met with more than 140 elected officials developing solutions to modernize California classrooms, support student entrepreneurs, and meaningfully address the fentanyl crisis.

Having been born to an immigrant family without connections to those in power, Rebucas’s first memories in political spheres include assembling lawn signs for local ballot initiatives, and singing the national anthem at campaign fundraisers. He co-chaired the Torrance Unified School District’s Superintendent’s Advisory Group, and as a vocal supporter of expanding financial literacy, Rebucas was the President of his local Future Business Leaders of America chapter from 2021 to 2023. He is a proud alum of the 84th American Legion California Boys State Program, where he was elected by his peers as Senate Minority Leader.

In October 2022, the Chief of Police appointed President Rebucas as an Advisory Board Member of the Torrance Police Department. Rebucas liaised with key community stakeholders to bridge gaps within the Department, and foster a vision for policing in the twenty-first century. 

Commonly called “Raphi” by those who know him, Rebucas leads with the conviction that a life so blessed should be rooted in service toward other people. Today, he continues his service in our nation’s capital with various non-profit organizations and student-led associations on initiatives that protect the dignity of women, children, senior citizens, veterans, and victims of domestic violence. 

In his free-time, Raphi hosts a talk show series called “Coffee with Raphi.” He can also be found on amusement park rides, or taking spin classes, or trying out new restaurants with friends and family.