About Us

Fighting for the advancement of minority voters through education and empowerment.

The League of Minority Voters was founded in 2007 by a multi-racial group of Oregonians who believe that what affects one community affects all of us, and that the challenges that impact minority voters must be met with consistent advocacy from all people of conscience.

What is LMV?

  • Official 501c3 Nonprofit

  • Dedicated to Minority Voters

  • Focused on Education and Empowerment

  • Respectful to All Organizations and Individuals

  • Focused on Communities of Color

  • Education and Program Based

  • A Resources on All Things Voting

  • A Model of Principles of Good Governance

  • A Liaison Between Communities & Policy Leaders

  • A Team of Passionate Individuals

Our Mission

Fight for the advancement of minority voters’ rights within the electoral process through education, empowerment, and bringing a voice to the issues that uniquely impact communities of color.

We are a 501c3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to empowering minority voices in community and government, as well as serving as a liaison between communities of colors, policy leaders and institutions.

Core Values

We believe that citizenship requires knowledge as well as the ability and will to act.

We believe that the responsibility of good governance rests on the shoulders of all citizens.

We believe that the rights of both majority and minority citizens are interdependent.

Our Vision

The League of Minority Voters seeks to empower the grassroots, both within the League and minority communities through education and training.

We promote respect for all individuals and the value of diversity in all communities at all levels.

We are committed to empowering communities in the process of collective decision-making and deliberation for the common good.