Paula F. Sardinas, a distinguished leader, and advocate, is the President/CEO of FMS Global Strategies, LLC, a prominent public relations and advocacy firm specializing in governmental affairs. She is also the visionary founder of the WA Build Back Black Alliance, which consists of 16 passionate members working tirelessly to advocate for Black and other #BIPOC communities. With her vast experience and unwavering commitment to social justice, Paula has become a driving force for change, inspiring and empowering others to make a meaningful impact in their communities. 

Sardinas also founded The Purpose Driven Girl, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on empowering women and girls who are often unable to use their voices— due to intersectionality and structural racism. Her public policy career spans 30 years of working in Telecom, Engineering, Banking, IT, STEM, Cannabis, Social Equity, and Financial Literacy. She is a good-standing member of the National Black Professional Lobbyist Association. 

She started her career with President Bill Clinton’s campaign in 1992. She was the Statewide political director of Women for Change in Obama’s campaigns in 2008 and 2012. Recently, she

worked to bring together supporters for Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden’s Washington State Presidential campaigns. 

In the last thirteen years, she has helped pass laws about healthcare, data privacy, deregulating AT&T in Florida, anti-bullying rules, money for higher education, digital life rules, metal theft protection laws, and changes to credit unions. She also made it easier to use banks with cannabis businesses and helped people affected by foreclosure. 

As of 2019, she served as a Gubernatorial appointment to FEPPP and the Commission on African American Affairs. In 2023 she was named the David Giuliani Climate Leadership Award recipient. She also serves on the following Task Force and Community Engagement: ● Founder Chief Advocate, WBBA 

  • WLIHA, Board 
  • Tabor 100 Senior Advisor to the CEO & Board 
  • Governor’s Eviction Moratorium Workgroup 
  • ZEV, Board 
  • Co-Chair, WA EV Coordinating Council, Advisory Council 
  • Remote Learning Task Force Digital Equity, Governor’s Office 
  • Former Co-Chair, Legislative Task Force on Social Equity in Cannabis ● Policy & Advocacy Work Group of the Regional Economic Recovery 
  • Taskforce for the greater 
  • Founding Member, MHD Workgroup 
  • Founding Member, Breaking Barriers Collaborative 

Sardinas has degrees from Columbia College in Missouri; she studied at William and Mary and is working on an MBA at FIU. She has worked with the US Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama to help women and children get more opportunities. Recently she was chosen by 425 and Sound Magazine as one of six “Women to Watch” in 2020.