Patrice Snow

Director/Public Relation Lead

  • Innovative Marketing and Communications Director with over a decade of experience leading and planning strategic initiatives that produce measurable results, securing coverage with national outlets including CNN, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.
  • Specific expertise creating impactful nonprofit and public policy multimedia campaigns and high-quality marketing deliverables that increase organizational support and funding.
  • Persuasive relationship manager and communicator adept at presenting complex source material in a concise, clear manner to engage multiple and diverse stakeholder audiences and solicit buy-in for organizational mission, goals and success.
  • Proficient at prioritizing projects to consistently deliver quality work under tight deadlines. Demonstrates balanced judgment under pressure.


Communications Strategy, Media Plans, Target Marketing, Segmentation, Key Messaging, Copy Editing, Project Management, Branding, Public Relations, Marketing Collateral, Scripts, Social Media, Video, Infographics, News Releases, Media Advisories, Photography Plans & Shoots, Contract & Proposal Negotiation, Website Content, Management Systems; Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint