Leslie McGovern successfully partners with organizations and individuals to create effective, collaborative leadership across the company. By promoting learning organizations that create environments where differing perspectives are valued and used, powerful partnerships are forged, there is much greater access to the talents and resources that often lie untapped, the organization and its members are fortified to meet the most pressing challenges.

Leslie assists organizations to foster individuals and teams who continuously improve their performance and outcomes. Her experience in multi-cultural environments, plus her focus on women in leadership positions, has had a powerful impact on a diverse range of organizations including: the Washington State Labor Council, Microsoft, Rebound, New Community, Atlantic Philanthropies, Anne Frank & Friends Coalition, Northwest Coalition for Human Dignity, Army Corps of Engineers, Boeing, Amazon, European/American Human Rights, Japanese Business Community, and more.

Leslie earned her Master’s Degree in Human and Organizational Development from Harvard University, has taught at Harvard, Northwest School for the Arts, Seattle Central Community College, and has delivered seminars internationally addressing Leadership and Change. Founder and principal at Phase FIVE, she is dedicated to organizations succeeding beyond what is held possible.

Leslie is also the co-founder and editor of a blog which brings together women’s collective experience, knowledge, and insight to help create a new approach to leadership, Leadership: the Women, and is conducting research for an upcoming book.