Collina is the Chief Business Officer at EUGENE SD 4J, a public school district serving over 16,000 students in Oregon. She has over 25 years of experience in the public sector, with credentials in supply chain management, project management, and federal procurement.

Collina oversees the human resources, risk management, financial, and nutrition/warehouse services functions of the district, providing strategic guidance and oversight to the superintendent as a member of the cabinet.

As a proactive and decisive leader, Collina has a proven ability to face challenges head-on and implement process improvement and data management initiatives that enhance efficiency, quality, and accountability. She is passionate about ensuring that all communities have access to safe, reliable, affordable, and equitable public services, especially those who have suffered from systemic biases and inequities. She is actively involved in several professional and community-based associations, where she advocates for racial justice, economic empowerment, and inclusion.