A.J. Jones

Co-Chair, Executive Committee

A distinguished corporate affairs and communication leader, Mr. Jones II is a globally recognized C-suite executive with a professional background in financial services, healthcare, energy, philanthropy, retail, and economic development; and significant experience in the corporate, governmental, multilateral, and civil-society sectors. His unique ability to strategically connect ESG metrics, regulatory disclosures, financial risks, sustainable value creation, capital market opportunities, and public policy within corporate governance platforms has made him a sought-after sustainability thought-leader by Fortune 500 companies, national non-profits, government leaders, and multilateral agencies. He has received numerous citations for his corporate development strategies, investor relations acuity, corporate and crisis communications proficiencies, public policy acumen, and leadership development capabilities.

Mr. Jones II has worked internationally in South Africa, Germany, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, France, Canada, and Nigeria. As a global professional, he has extensive regional business experience in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. He can speak Yoruba (a prominent Nigerian language) and is learning conversational Hebrew.

Currently, Mr. Jones II is the Chief Corporate Affairs and Communications Officer for Vanda Pharmaceuticals, a global biopharmaceutical company. As a Named Executive Officer, Mr. Jones II serves as Vanda’s lead interface to the investment community, which has led to a 61% stock appreciation, 28% increase of new investors, and 64% increase in market capitalization since his appointment.

Additionally, he is an executive member of the company’s corporate development & licensing review committee, lead capital markets advisor to Vanda’s Board of Directors (BOD) and executive leadership team, and an executive member on the BOD’s audit committee. His leadership in these roles has resulted in the company launching the largest number of clinical-trials since its founding, and its successful transition from a central nervous system-focused to a multi-therapeutic product organization.

Furthermore, he directs the following corporate functions: investor relations, communications and brand marketing, business analytics and corporate intelligence, government relations, social impact, public policy, and patient advocacy. Mr. Jones II’s sage management of these functions have resulted in positive public sentiment increasing by 38%, share-of-voice increasing by 41%, and share-of-search increasing by 47%.

Before joining Vanda, Mr. Jones II held several C-Suite roles at private and public companies and managed upwards of ~$570 million in P&Ls, while provided an array of professional services to Fortune 500 companies, top-ranked academic institutions, multilateral institutions, and G-20 government leaders. Additionally, as W.K. Kellogg Foundation executive, he directed over ~$420 million in structured investments, successfully launched 37 social enterprises, increased share-of-voice by 39%, increased share-of-search by 62%, and established the celebrity entertainment division.

As the first African American Policy Director in the U.S. House of Representatives’ leadership, he crafted more than 214 pieces of legislation; 142 became law. In 2008, Mr. Jones II was appointed as a lead policy negotiator and external communicator for the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, which created the successful Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP).

Mr. Jones II is an executive member of Forbes Communications Council, a National Investor Relations Institute leadership member, and an Emerging Markets Institute Fellow at Cornell University. He has previously chaired three board audit committees, served as a qualified financial expert on national non-profit boards, and has advised on SOX-related COBIT frameworks.

Mr. Jones II is an autodidact, self-proclaim jazz aficionado, neo-expressionism art aesthete, haute horology enthusiast, and avid world traveler.