Project Description

Patrice Webb


Patrice Web helps people and organizations get clear on their “why” and then the “how” by creating strategies to deliver their mission, refine their message, and grow their impact to improve performance and life.

Patrice is a future-focused strategist with expertise in leading changes and helping organizations prepare and deliver business goals and improve internal and community engagement. Her passion is advocating for mission-focused organizations and causes that improve everyday life and the broader society.

She has over 20 years of developing strategies and leading initiatives in various types and sizes of organizations. Her background includes leading internal projects to deliver cross-functional business goals, industry coalition building, entrepreneurial leadership, and organizational culture change.

Patrice is known for painting a picture where people can see themselves engaged and aligned with what matters at work and in the broader community. She believes in finding common ground in pursuing any strategy in business or in life to deliver sustainable change.

Expertise: Public & Community Affairs, Psychology of Leadership, Public Health, Organizational Management, Flow, Workshop Design and Facilitation, Coaching, Culturally Competent Messaging, DEI and great Storytelling.