Madison Sandy


Madison is intensely curious and loves to learn. Her interest in questions of power in society led her to pursue both a master’s degree and a doctorate in sociology. Madison worked full-time while earning her degrees, honing the dedication and diligence that has contributed to her success at ERPi.

Madison’s work experiences share a common theme: she solves complex problems for the benefit of others. As president of the University of Virginia Sociology Graduate Student Association, Madison helped to secure increased student funding during a restructuring of the College of Arts and Sciences. Later, her PhD research on national identity development in times of conflict led her to Australia, where she lived for two years. Serving as Associate Dean of the Queen’s College of the University of Melbourne, Madison advocated for changes that measurably improved student experience, wellness, and satisfaction. She also supported student success as director of the mentoring program, which sparked an ongoing interest in mentoring others and seeking mentors.

After completing her PhD, Madison accepted a fellowship with the President’s Office at Arizona State University, the largest and most innovative university in the United States. She helped secure a $22 million grant that strengthened ASU’s partnerships in Africa while expanding opportunities for talented young students. Also at ASU, Madison drafted the redesign blueprint for the sociology program to align with national best practices and infuse sociological approaches across ASU’s interdisciplinary academic units.

Madison joined ERPi in 2017 eager to apply her experiences in research and program design to healthcare. At ERPi, Madison supports the efforts of VHA’s Office of Regulatory and Administrative Affairs to evaluate, revise, and recertify the policies that govern VHA operations. Her background serves her well in the role: the high standards of academia taught Madison to emphasize attention to every detail. This unique perspective helps her evaluate a policy at multiple levels— the technical accuracy of a national program office’s guidance is just as important as the placement of a comma! Madison is gratified and humbled that the policy work she supports directly enables VHA to provide Veterans with high-quality healthcare.

Her academic experiences also guide Madison’s approach to project management. When teaching, she noticed that students’ challenges in the classroom often stemmed from problems beyond their schoolwork. Similarly, when something goes wrong on a project, she knows that the root of the problem may lie beyond the work itself.

Consistent with her love of learning, Madison enjoys reading and listening to podcasts in her free time. She also enjoys meandering walks as exercise and stress relief.