Project Description

Dr. Lauren Ashley Villa

Co-Chair, Governance Committee

Dr. Lauren Ashley Villa prides herself on being rooted in two values, authenticity and fairness. To share these attributes with the world, Lauren Ashley started her career as a high school history educator in Fairfax County, Virginia. She served as a board member of Fairfax Education Association, representing over 200 schools. Lauren Ashley advocated for the improvement of instructional practices and curriculum, increased opportunities for students and the need for educators to be the thought leaders of their profession. She worked as an organizer for the teachers’ union in Montgomery County, Maryland. There she trained teachers on principles of leadership and organizing and built structures and opportunities that supported educators stepping up to lead their profession. She then moved on to Deputy Director of Leadership Development at AIPAC. There she ran the department dedicated to building a movement of student leaders, educating them about civic engagement and foreign policy. Lauren Ashley achieved a Doctorate of Education from Grand Canyon University, a M. Ed. from the University of Georgia and a bachelor’s in Journalism from the University of Georgia.