WASHINGTON, DC – January 7, 2021: Today, the League of Minority Voters’ President and Founder, Promise King, and Board of Trustees’ Chairwoman, Cristina Antelo, issued the following statement, on behalf of the national organization and its board of trustees, in the aftermath of the violent siege of the United States Capitol by white supremacist groups and supporters of President Trump, in town for a rally, in an attempt to prevent the confirmation of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as President and Vice President, respectively, during the Joint Session of Congress: 

 “Yesterday, a series of violent, seditious events unfolded in our nation’s capital that have rocked the core of our democracy and further illuminated the deep racial and partisan divide within our country, all fueled by baseless, propaganda from President Trump and his cronies who incited the violence.  The League of Minority Voters condemns all acts of violence, from all corners, against the sacred mosaics that serve our people.  Furthermore, we reject the debasement of our democratic institutions by armed thugs and vigilantes. Violence and destruction, whatever the intention, is incomparable to reasonable dissent and dialogue. These acts did not prevent confirmation of the President and Vice President-Elect, as designed, as our elected officials continued with their constitutionally bound duties late into the night.

Laying the foundation for these licentious acts, in the lead up to the general election, President Trump established a false narrative around rigged elections by attacking the legitimacy of early voting and vote by mail options and urging his supporters to engage in voter suppression and intimidation tactics, reminiscent of the Jim Crow era.  Following the general election results, Trump and his legal team engaged in a state by state strategy to challenge the will of the American people by forcing recounts, filing numerous law suits, and even personally urging public officials not to certify results or to illegally overturn the results, in an affront to the American public.  

These unfortunate actions by our outgoing head of state have culminated in a violent failed coup, vandalism and damage to the Capitol, and the mass evacuation of our federal elected officials, their staff, and other essential government workers.  Efforts to intentionally dismiss the certified votes of millions of minority voters across the country, who turned out in record numbers during a global pandemic, are at the core of this insurrection.  These unwarranted actions against our government jeopardize the peaceful transfer of power that our democracy commands as well as our standing as a world democratic power.  We can no longer serve as a credible voice on the execution of free and fair, democratic elections until we restore our own nation’s trust in the electoral process.  

Furthermore, federal, state, and local investigations are needed into the inherent security failures that occurred and the inability of law enforcement to effectively prevent or deter these acts of domestic terrorism.  Given the advance notice about the planned rally and the expectations that white supremacist groups and sympathizers were to be a part of the rally, it is befuddling that sufficient law enforcement was not deployed in advance.  Additionally, an extraordinarily low number of rioters were arrested for these egregious acts and unchecked mob rule prevailed.  These unchecked events contrast starkly with the violent treatment of peaceful and diverse Black Lives Matter protestors by law enforcement in Washington, DC over the summer.  

As the Congressional Black Caucus, so eloquently noted in a statement yesterday, ‘We know that Black and brown people are not given the same space to express their discord with the American government. We notice the difference.  There are TWO Americas.’ The League of Minority Voters, a nonpartisan, organization fully dedicated to further advancing minority voters’ rights and opportunities, also notices the difference and is deeply troubled.  We remain committed to elevating the voice of minority voters as well as elected and prospective minority officials on both sides of the aisle.  In doing so, we hope to restore trust in the electoral process and empower minority voters across the country to keep mobilizing and asserting their power at the ballot box in a peaceful, democratic manner.”

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