Yadira Baltier-Moreno
State of Civil Rights Forum 2019

Criminal Justice System:

Our Brown Brothers, Black sisters
Locked up
Talked down
Black and brown
Back braids
Bad grades
Dates displaced
Hate crimes
Drug offenses

Black brothers, brown sisters
Suicide rates high
My cousins
My uncles
Dead in silence
Violence taken place
Their face is a blur
The case dismissed
Plea bargain
Taken place
No flee
Charge for life
One word
Will be sentence to life

Brown Brothers, Black sisters
family alone
Children grown
No role model to be known
Dead soul
No mother or father
Don’t even bother to
Shred tears

For Our Brown Brothers, Black sisters
Black walls
Dark rooms
Fear alive
Incarceration rate high
Our nation is at stake

For our Black brothers, brown sisters
Rather criminals than students
Breakdown racist institutions
We need solutions
Invest in education
That’s our foundation to
Execute the School to prison pipeline
New guidelines
Please sign
To get rid of this disease
Increase more degrees
Peace to the police
Release more prison reform
We have to transform a new world

We ask
What’s wrong
Instead of what happen to
Our Brown Brothers, Black sisters
Who need to belong
Trauma not drama
I tell my momma
Black brothers, brown sisters
Need to Heal not deal
Now we kneel

Poem by
Yadira Baltier-Moreno
Graduate of the LMV Speech & Debate Program

  1. February 2, 2020

    Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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