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Yadira Baltier-MorenoState of Civil Rights Forum 2019 Criminal Justice System:Our Brown Brothers, Black sistersLocked upTalked downBlack and brownBack braidsBad gradesDates displacedHate crimesDrug offenses Black brothers, brown sistersSuicide rates highMy cousinsMy unclesDead in silenceViolence taken placeTheir face is a blurThe case dismissedPlea bargainTaken placeNo fleeCharge for lifeOne wordGUILTYWill be sentence to life Brown Brothers, Black sistersfamily…

Poverty/Racism After the Civil War, many whites including former slave owners left the South and settled in Oregon.  As Mayor Wheeler noted in his State of the City speech, Oregon has a long history of racism.  Oregon was the only state in the U.S. to ban black people.  Let me say that again. Oregon was…

The LMV recently explored the meaning of “minority”.  Those historically denied equal rights in the United States – racial minorities (specifically African Americans) and women are automatically designated minorities for the purpose of voting under the 14th and 19th Amendments.  On the other hand, we must also explore what it means to be a minority…

  • 2019 Liberty & Hope Dinner

    2019 Liberty & Hope Awards

  • Civil Rights Champion Senator Margaret Carter with LMV Founder Promise King and Co-Chair Bud Pierce

  • 2019 State of Civil Rights Forum

  • LMV & The Skanner Foundation Scholarship Event

  • Defining Moments for Minority Voters

  • Chemeteka Community College Speech and Debate Team

  • 2016 Liberty & Hope Award Dinner, Kerry Tymchuck, Kate Brown and John Jackley

  • City of Portland Celebrating 50th Anniversary of Voting Rights Acts

  • 2015 Congressional and Governor’s Candidate Foum

  • Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle, Congresswoman Susan Bonamici, Promise King and Jerry Willey

  • Jeff Cogen, Promise King and Mayor Denny Doyle

  • State of Civil Rights in Partnership with the Urban League of Portland, Portland Development Commission and Oregon Health Institute

  • Reynolds High SchoolStudents Involved in the LMV Leadership & Debate Program

  • President & Founder Promise King at the State of the Civil Rights Event at Lewis and Clark College

  • LMV Civil Rights Recipient State Representative Alyssa Cythia Guyer

  • State of Civil Rights at the University of Oregon Stadium

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